The Design Process

Each garden is custom-made to fit the individual needs of the client, whether interested in a large scale design, or hourly consulting services.  We use organic products and sustainable design and maintenance techniques for your garden.

sun garden ideas


For large scale designs, The Earth Education Company begins with a detailed drawing of the proposed design.

garden design plan


Each Project is accompanied with a portfolio.  The Table of Contents, below, illustrates the level of detail of the Portfolio.


The Client can review detailed schematics of portions of the design, based upon how they will look each season.

spring garden plan
summer garden plan
fall garden plan

Garden Accents

The Earth Education Company will include suggestions for accents and other ideas.

Plant List

In addition, the Portfolio includes a detailed list of the plants included in the Design, with information about each plant's bloom season, color, soil and sun needs, plant height and width and facts about the plants.

plant chart
ideas for landscape design